Vikram Mervyn


A man was closing his eyes. He was almost tearing up. His hands were clasped together, pointing at the picture of Lord Vishnu hung right below the fan, in the dingy corner. It wasn’t very often you saw a man praying amidst all the cigarette smoke in the tea shops. This man didn’t care. I was inspired. My boss being a very religious man, let me take a break from wiping all the muck off the tables. I told him that I was motivated and that I needed to pray. He offered to join me but, I convinced him that his job was the mightiest of all gods. It was surprising that he didn’t notice even a modicum of hypocrisy in my doing. Anyway, I was off to the Guruvayur temple. It was about five minutes from the tea shop. On the way, I saw a communist parade. They swung…