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December 2021


Satish and Vidya landed at  Boston Logan Airport to spend some time with their daughter, Rachana. She with her husband Navin received them and took them to their house. “So, how are you Baba and Aai? Was the wheelchair service at the airport okay, Baba?” “There was no difficulty. Problem is, I cannot walk long distances and am unable to walk briskly even small distances. I get breathless immediately and have to stop for some time. The speed of tortoise goes okay with me for short distances, “ replied the septuagenarian Satish. “I am okay in that respect. I am prepared to go for long walks,” Vidya said smilingly. “Don’t worry, Baba. We will take you by car to different places. You don’t need to walk long distances. Whatever short walk you will have to take, you take it at your pace. Even slower than a tortoise. No problem.” Rachana…