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Ashwin Ashok


The early morning sun rays crept through the crevices of a curtained up window in my room and with it brought a sense of warmth. The month of November screams ‘Winter is coming’ with the cold mornings. The early morning temperatures can drop up to 10 degrees Centigrade in November. And when you are curled up in a thick blanket trying not to lose even a teensy bit of heat and the morning ray shines on your face, you don’t care about the fact that the brightness is waking you up. You are just glad that you are alive enough to experience that sensation. I opened my eyes slightly to a blurred vision caused by my woven eyelashes. The migraine and sleep deprivation were putting a lot of load on my eyelids, eventually, forcing them to drop down and blind me. Fighting the tiny eruptions in my head, I got…