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Lance Dowrich (TRINIDAD & TOBAGO)


Ethelbert G. Sandiford was the happiest man alive. The second son of Tantie Lucy Ethelbert had just come out of the managing director’s office where it was announced that he had been promoted to the position of Assistant to the Packaging Foreman. Ethelbert was convinced that he was now in management. ‘Sixteen years,’ thought Ethelbert to himself. ‘All ah them who used to laugh, cyah laugh now’, he said aloud to no one in particular. Ethelbert was an employee of the Sunshine Caribbean Cheese Company, known across the country as the Cheese Factory. He had started out in the freezer and had shown real mettle in outlasting most of the men who had been recruited with him. The only visible sign of his tenure in that section were his chattering teeth. Ethelbert’s teeth chattered incessantly. So much so that he had to replace his treasured enamel cup with a soft…