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Lorraine Price


The glistening, golden sand clings to your bare feet as you tread through it towards the border where the sparkling, blue-green water buffets the coast. A few feet from the water, green algae lie scattered like wind-tossed hay. A cool breeze blows from the east showering the banks with a light mist of salty spray. Seagulls glide and hover as they search for a vacant spot to alight. There are purple and pink bubbles lying just below an inch of sand. They have the appearance of slightly deflated balloons and are known as jellyfish. The thundering roar of the ocean can be heard along the many miles of coastline. As you plunge into the cool watery depths, you feel the soothing lull of the tide tugging and tossing about. In the distance, you can discern the many different boats cruising in the water. There are oil tankers, yachts, speed boats,…