Majella Pinto


I was given a five-minute slot for my interview with God. St. Luke ushered me into the Artists Waiting Area and briefed me. “When the bell rings seven times, that door opens, and you walk in.  Remember there are atheists, agnostics, Christians and sinners in line with appointments. You are only allowed one question. You’ll be escorted out of the room when your time runs out. No exceptions for Catholics and Artists. You’ll hear the reminder bell at the end of each minute.” And he said nothing more. “Mine won’t take long” I responded, but he had vanished. I skimmed through my notes and scored out the unnecessary questions and circled my thesis statement. I would play it by ear, I decided. The bell went ding-dong, once, twice…, I pulled out my handkerchief and mopped my forehead and wiped dry my moist palms on my formal HachiChille outfit. I stood…