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Majella Pinto


It was Shailee’s first car, a brand new shiny, ice blue Subaru. After driving the hand-me-down 97 model Honda Accord, for 21 years, the Subaru was a refreshing change. When the salesman mentioned the heated leather seats, a GPS, rear view camera displaying what was behind the car when reversing, it made Shailee blush. The automatic brakes that engaged when the car was within reach of an obstacle near collision, and the over the top programmed Start button were mind blowing. Next to the smell of petrol, the scent of new leather was a heady experience. “Do you want to grab some Paani Puri?” she asked her son of sixteen who was lost in a book and cushioned in the comfort of the sofa. ‘Paani Puri’ caught his attention making him move his head promptly with his bouncy curls rearranging themselves, covering his eyes like a noodle screen once again.…