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Mandeep Kaur


Excuse me! Would you please let me know where I can find Prof. Dhruvika Dhanju?  I want to meet Dr. Dhanju. A seventeen-year-old girl directed her query to a twenty-five-something boy who was strolling around the corridor near the inquiry window, eyeing for an opportune moment to make his way to his hidden hideaway, the plastic chairs behind the canteen.  Where he could take a break from his exhausting clerical job of an LDC, and crack a few jokes about the tyrannical and ultra-hypocrite man who sadly was the principal of the college he worked in. When she was about to push the door open, she could hear the girl and the LDC from afar.  This, out of the blue, promotion to the rank of a Professor tickled her ears. To the best of her knowledge, because if she was sane, she was an Assistant Professor who had just completed…