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Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri


Arms outstretched in white Easter Bunny costume, I feign cheer, hopping through the neighborhoods, namely the upper-crust ones rife with parents driving BMWs. I release candy with methodical, but energetic release. Children smile, children with so much happiness, too young still to know loss. To have people take things, lovers and wives, and livelihood. They hug me, try to hold onto me, but on I bounce down the old fucking bunny trail. I haven’t felt an intimate touch in years. Not since she left. I can’t think of such things. I can’t let the kids catch me. They’ll just let go, like everyone else anyway. I spread candy throughout the neighborhood, bouncing about. Every Easter, year after year. Parents smile, thank me, call me altruistic, even though it’s bullshit. Even though I’m paid by them to spread this cheer. In a bunny costume, it’s all too easy to nod, to…