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Neel Datta


When the announcer announced the name, Dr. Ashesh Sanyal faintly smiled and stood up. Keeping aside the bundle of books and his felicitation letter, he advanced towards the podium. In his busy professional career, the accomplished Ashesh Sanyal had attended innumerable seminars and symposiums. Standing on the felicitation stage, feeling the light of the camera; all these things were now very regular to him. Earlier, he had to think and prepare himself for an acceptance speech, but, by now, he had given so many acceptance speeches that he did not have to prepare anymore, words just came out of him like an orator. But, still, today, on the day when he was about to receive the highest honour; he froze on the stage, fumbling for words. His un-mindfulness was suddenly removed by the mounting restlessness and murmur among the audience. On gaining consciousness, he quickly put himself together and started…