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Pawel Markiewicz (POLAND)


I have dreamed during the whole night. A dreamy Erlking has come to me with his wizardry of muses. I opened my dear soul for his fulfilment as well as for the dreamy moonlit night. A shooting star became my dearest friend such a weird of some druids… In this starlit night I feel a paradise in me. The Erlking, a ruler of thousand elves from a holt, told my the most marvellous story about magic not of this time. Listen to me!  Do not forget it never, but you are not a forget-me-not! The meekest story A wise man in former times told kindly that there is the marvellous world behind a primeval Birch Grove, the so called woodland of Zeus, at each midnight. The gorgeous magical world  wakes and dies after seven hours of fulfilment of fire and warmth. There the magic is released, with that it pushes…