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Pulkita Anand


When I got this book, I felt in the initial reading that I wouldn’t be able to complete it. But I gradually developed an interest in it and read it with delight. The book maps the journey and odyssey of Najeeb. It makes one think and make comparisons to books like Life of Pi, The Old man and the Sea, The Alchemist and the like. It is a wonderful account of a goat farm. The book’s forty-three chapters are divided into four major parts – Prison, Desert, Escape and Refuge. In one of the chapters, he gives a glossary of words that he has learned in the course of his stay in Masara. The author Koyippally Benyamin originally wrote the novel in Malayalam in 2008. His original work title is Adujivitam. It was translated into English, titled Goat Days, and published by Penguin. The book became a bestseller and won the Kerala…