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Rajib Das


Published by Abington House, USA, “One Long Journey” is primarily a story of survival and hope in the face of adversity and social upheaval, which the author hopes can inspire the readers. It is an orphan story that later becomes an immigrant story ending in a personal triumph. There was once a boy growing up in a poverty stricken family accepting everything at face value including the relationship with the people around him.  He had no clue that he was an orphan, that his biological parents had committed suicide by jumping from a small canoe in a mighty river called the Brahmaputra after drowning the older siblings.  As he understood, abject poverty had driven the parents to take such extreme measure.  The lonely canoe floated down the river.  A boatman caught the little boat.  To his utter surprise, he found an infant wrapped up in rags at the bed of…