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Richard Philip (New Zealand)


“You should pose under the bougainvillea tree. Some people like doing that, you know. Have you seen them? They place their palm under the blossoms, like this. Pass me your camera, you try it, and I’ll take a picture of you doing that, and, perhaps, just by going through the actions, we might get some insight as to why some people would do such a thing. I mean, why do they have to involve the flowers? Come on, man, give it a shot,” said Zach. I photographed the tree and told him I didn’t like being the subject of snap decisions let alone have a picture taken of me doing something as inane as standing in front of a small tree covered in magenta bracts, presenting its flowers. Zach was getting bored. It was my idea to explore the residential estate in the low hills that resembled an English countryside.…