Robert Lalrothang Thiek


Survival of the fittest is a Darwinian evolutionary theory, as you may have very well heard. Not that I am trying to focus on this evolution theory. Rather, I mean to talk upon our struggle to survive. The bulk of the Indian populace is dependent upon agriculture. Industries are there. But can it really cater to everyone? We’ve to find the means to survive. Natural calamities threaten us now and then. What is the answer to these natural calamities? The answer depends on you! Look at our neighbors. Japan, China, the Korea Republic etc. Their people are hard working; they don’t indulge in idle chatter or blame misfortune. They strive to do things that will change their lives. The world is changing fast. But where do we stand? Come to think of it. Are we moving along with the world’s pace? Are we progressing or are we behind? The world…