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Salvatore Difalco (CANADA)


Wulfstan followed Margot into the misted atrium. Ferns and leafy plants made a rain forest impression. Hidden speakers pumped out soothing atonal music. A few goldfinches fluttered about, lovely little birds that almost looked fake. This is where people went to refresh themselves after a long spell in the sun. Wulfstan loved the feeling of the atrium mist on his skin, particularly his face, which had developed the dark green buboes often seen on pubescent males. His complexion, a cucumber green that contrasted sharply with Margot’s delicate aphid hue, had been ravaged of late by these unsightly blemishes, which besides marring his appearance did not trouble him otherwise. “Do you ever get tired?” he asked Margot. All cheekbones and emerald eyes, Margot never liked to express negativity, even when appropriate, or necessary. “I mean do you ever get tired of loafing around and misting, then loafing around some more? We…