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Sangeetha Amarnath Kamath (SINGAPORE)


Umpteen poetry and oodles of lyrics have been woven around it. Gazillions of songs have been sung about it. In every language known and unknown, to you and I. It has never failed to kindle the romance of the old sonnets and symphonies, the ageless classics and of course the magic spells! Sidra was seated on the faded blue couch slotted into the bay window. She was facing skywards, besotted by it and it returned the gaze, equally enamoured by her. The idyllic countryside surrounding her cottage, looked exceptionally breath-taking in this full moon night. In the distance, she could hear the waves of the foamy rough sea crashing against the steep rock face. With a soft instrumental playing in the background, she was sipping a mug of hot cocoa, her palms drawing in the warmth when inadvertently her thoughts raced back a few years. *** Back in the day…