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Sarat C. Neog


The river Kopili, a tributary of the mighty river Brahmaputra, flows by the side of the sleepy  village Barkuloi in the district of Morigaon.  On the bank of the river, one can see a small hut made of mud plastered wall with a thatched roof under a big neem tree. But no one lives there. The empty hut is, however, well maintained. In the evening, one can see an earthen lamp burning under a tulsi plant. To human mind, it may look like a haunted house. No, it’s not. The hut has a pathetic past linked with the tragedy of an old man who dedicated his life for the cause of truth and humanity. The sleepy village Barkuloi is mostly inhabitated by poor cultivators. They are happy with no high ambitions in life. Their philosophy of life is that  human life and the course of river are predetermined. But Ghanakanta,…