Vaivasvat Bhatt


There I see her, elegant and beautiful yet strong and fierce, with a flowing nature. Her noise would give me goosebumps. I was completely mesmerized with all that cool majestic water, for it was hot, especially in these months of April and May. Temperatures would shoot up to 48. Sometimes it would be so hot that you could smell the ground cooking and the mud would have a sort of smokey flavor. In Ahmedabad the news would say “It has been 2 days of heat wave and the temperatures have been nearly 45 and 6 people have died due to heat stroke!!” My friends would say in astonishment, “Ha ha! Look they get heat strokes at 45!” Krankach my mausal is situated deep into the Kathiawadi peninsular, it is in the heart of Kathiawad. The land here is extremely mineral rich or as the villagers say “salty”. I grew up…