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My Take on the End of the Trump Presidency

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Get Out of Our House

The Capitol Building of the United States of America

Is the people’s house — your house – my house

A sacred monument to democracy

That an unruly mob of delusional idiots

Broke into and desecrated as they

Shat and pissed in it as if it was a Porta Potty

But that was the least of it

January 6th, 2021 will live in infamy

Because the 45th President of our nation

A narcissistic pathological liar

Known as Donald John Trump

Caused this debacle to happen

Usually this bellicose bellowing

Of this blundering blowhard

Is taken with a grain of salt

“Let Trump be Trump,” his enablers all say

And January 6th, 2021 will live in infamy

Because Trump was Trump

Inciting his riffraff to violent action

“Fight like hell,” he said

Giving them license to attack

That which they didn’t like

Attack those who they disagreed with

To do whatever they wanted to do

The dick-wad with the Confederate flag

Walking through the Capitol as if he owned the place

The menacing zip-tie guy looking to restrain our leaders

Those morons proudly taking selfies of themselves

How did they think this was going to turn out?

Did they really think that they would get away with it?

When they were beating in the head of a policeman

Did it ever occur to them that they were killing a human being?

A man simply trying to do his job

A man trying to protect that which he swore to protect

And yet the majority of Republicans ignore this

A cabal of cowards one and all

Now these Republicans say

America is too deeply divided

Now is the time for healing

Let’s not do anything to rock the boat

That will invite even more violence

This is nothing more than a thinly veiled threat

The Republicans now call for more investigations

Their ultimate stall tactic to run out the clock

How much more evidence do they need?

Trump was lying before the election

Trump is lying after the election

Trump has been lying his entire life

Things are so ass-backwards

That these traitors think that they are patriots

They spew forth about the Constitution

Which they have never read

Much less comprehended

It’s a sad demoralizing time in America

Conspiracy theories, QAnon, gun nuts,

What would they have done?

If they had captured any members of Congress?

My God, what were they thinking?

The truth be told, they don’t think at all

They just react to lies and Trump’s doggerel

They chose to believe what they wanted to believe

They actually thought that they could act as

Judge, jury, and executioner

Now they are being hunted down like rabid dogs

To be taken into account for their actions

How did they think that this was going to turn out?

The Capitol Building of the United States of America

Is the people’s house — your house – my house

A sacred monument to democracy

I still feel violated and disrespected by this mob

But mob rule will not stand as we the people now say

Get out of our house

The Mad King is Dead 

This petulant child

This small petty man

How did he ever become

the leader of our great land?

How did he ever become

the leader of the free world?

No matter, he is leaving office today

No matter, soon he won’t matter

It’s the end of an error

And thank God it is

He leaves nothing but

scorched earth behind him

Hallowed out federal agencies

The most mismanaged public

health pandemic in world history

The Republican Party in shambles

America disgraced on the world stage

The office of the U.S. Presidency besmirched

A divided country in chaos

Chaos is all he ever accomplished

To date, there have been 59

presidential elections in America

To date, 57 of them have never been challenged

as being “rigged” or fraudulent or unfair

Until this Trump guy happened along

Spewing his lies, and

sowing the seeds of doubt

Among a rabble of rubes

Who are so gullible as to believe

every word that leaves his mouth

How much I hate what he has done to America

The damage he has done

could take decades to undo

Xenophobia, homophobia, and any other phobia

were his stock in trade

Cruelty was his only ability

Bullying was all he ever really knew how to do

Thank God the Mad King is dead

And when they finally bury him

I hope that they bury him face down

John C. Krieg (USA)

John C. Krieg is a retired landscape architect and land planner who formerly practiced in Arizona, California, and Nevada. He is also retired as an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborist and currently holds seven active categories of California state contracting licenses, including the highest category of Class A .

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