Survival of the Fittest

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Survival of the fittest is a Darwinian evolutionary theory, as you may have very well heard. Not that I am trying to focus on this evolution theory. Rather, I mean to talk upon our struggle to survive.

The bulk of the Indian populace is dependent upon agriculture. Industries are there. But can it really cater to everyone? We’ve to find the means to survive. Natural calamities threaten us now and then.

What is the answer to these natural calamities? The answer depends on you! Look at our neighbors. Japan, China, the Korea Republic etc. Their people are hard working; they don’t indulge in idle chatter or blame misfortune. They strive to do things that will change their lives.

The world is changing fast. But where do we stand? Come to think of it. Are we moving along with the world’s pace? Are we progressing or are we behind? The world needs hard workers to keep the balance between the progress of the world and the lifestyle of the present generation. We must not sit idle. Every problem comes with a solution. We just need to be ready to face any kind of situation in our life to survive better in future. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a humble start. He ran a tea stall in a railway station. His sheer determination to rise from his humble beginning is there for everyone to see. We must grab every opportunity we get. Because opportunity doesn’t knock twice. We must be determined, we must be sincere, we must be brave. This is the way to survive. God created human with different qualities and talents. We need to find out what quality and talent that God bestowed us, try to explore our talent and find the way to survive in this world. If we don’t, there will be no difference between us and an ancient rock by the seashore. To understand the value of life, we need to find out what life is about. The lion is the King of the forest. But why is it called so? Because lions are brave. It never gives up while preying. Similarly, we have to prey upon our problems. You’ve the answer now. This is how we can survive.


Robert Lalrothang Thiek

Robert Lalrothang Thiek is a Post Graduate in History from Gauhati University and is from Haflong, Assam

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