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My Mom, Only Mine

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Ishan had visited his uncle’s house with his mother and father. It was a three – day programme. After reaching his uncle’s house, he was surprised to see that his uncle’s spaniel dog had given birth to four cute and sweet puppies. Their age is only ten days. They are just like cute white furry balls with yellow and black spots. Their eyes are small, innocent and lively. They were running and jumping all around the room. Sometimes, they were playing tricks on each other too. After coming out of his surprise, Ishan started playing with them. The puppies too were happy on acquiring a new friend. They loved to cuddle on Ishan’s lap. Ishan also had become very attached and affectionate towards them.

Within a few hours, the puppies had become so good friends of Ishan that at night they slept with Ishan instead of their own mother. Their mother watched them from a distance and guarded them. After three days, time had come for Ishan to return home. But Ishan did not want to leave them. He started pleading his father to take the puppies to his home. On hearing this, his father became very angry. He never accepted his son’s disagreeable requests. However, he controlled his anger, and said “Never! Once they are taken to our house, they will start dirtying the rooms, and just because of them, we will never be able to go anywhere during vacations. Moreover, they need to be taken a lot of care. We have a very small flat and are always entangled in a busy schedule. Where will they stay? I cannot keep this request of yours, Ishan. You have grown up enough to understand.”

Because of his father’s disagreement, Ishan was very depressed. But Ishan’s mother had already decided to take one or two to her home. She had already taken Ishan’s uncle’s permission. Now, the only thing left was the agreement of Ishan’s father to her desire. So, at the appropriate moment, she approached him and said, “Most of the time, I stay at home and get bored, awaiting your return. Where do we go? When our son wants to take one puppy, we can afford to take one. I will take care of it myself.” Ishan’s father could not reject his wife’s request, so, he told “For ridding loneliness, I hope you don’t need all the puppies. One is enough.”

Ishan was glad and contented at that decision. The sweetest and cutest puppy named Tommy was taken to Ishan’s home. Tommy loved Ishan very much. While studying, Tommy used to sit quietly beside Ishan. After a few days, Ishan’s mother too had fallen in love with Tommy. Tommy used to toe her every time. He used to shout for getting into Ishan’s mother’s lap. If Tommy was not fed by Ishan’s mother, he would not eat. Sometimes, if Tommy got a scolding or two from Ishan’s father, Ishan’s mother would have to quieten Tommy to peace.

Recently, Tommy has started going away from Ishan. He prefers staying with Ishan’s mother. He loves her more than Ishan. Most of the time, Tommy has to stay with Ishan’s mother. So, a growing attraction towards her is not at all surprising. As days went by, Ishan lost all the good tiffin her mother used to give. Parathas and Chow Mein were too far-fetched eatables. Even bread- butter was rare in Ishan’s tiffin box. Most of the days, Ishan’s tiffin was bought from outside. Either cake or pastry. But the same tiffin day after day was not at all liked by Ishan. Now, Ishan had to wear his school dress on his own. After returning from school, he bathed on his own, combed his hair, and sat on the dining table to eat just like a good boy. In the evening, Ishan’s mother used to help Ishan with his homework. Now, even that has also stopped. All the time, Tommy has to stay with his mother. That is why, Ishan was quite angry.

Finally one day, in the evening, Ishan got the chance to sit to study under his mother’s guidance, because the next day, his teacher would ask history questions to Ishan. His mother knew that as soon as Ishan hears the name of “history”, he is gripped with fear. But Tommy started over-acting, so, Ishan’s mother was unable to guide Ishan much. As a result, Ishan got a good scolding from his teacher for not answering all the questions correctly.

Everyday Ishan’s mother used to feed him with her own hands after coming home from school, but one day, Ishan’s mother told him, “You have grown up enough, Ishan. You must try to eat yourself.” When Ishan saw that his mother was feeding Tommy with her own hands, he couldn’t control himself. The complete love of Ishan’s mother was snatched by Tommy. But, he himself had brought Tommy to his house, so he was helpless. At night, Ishan went to sleep beside his mother. His mother used to stroke his head lovingly to make him sleep. Nowadays, his mother has started making Tommy sleep first. After making Tommy sleep, it was becoming so late at night that Ishan used to go to sleep already. Even if sometimes, Ishan stood awake by force, his mother would not stroke his head anymore. Taking care of Tommy and his demands made Ishan’s mother lose all her energy by that time.  Completely exhausted, she does not notice Ishan and goes to sleep.

The days go on like this. Suddenly, one day, Tommy fell ill. Tommy was given many kinds of medicines. But, Tommy’s health did not improve. So, Tommy was taken to the doctor. He prescribed some medicines. After taking the medicines, Tommy felt better. But, he had become weak. That was even a bigger consignment for Ishan’s mom. At last, Tommy took away even Ishan’s time at night with his mother. Instead of Ishan, now Tommy slept with Ishan’s mother. Ishan felt depressed, but said nothing regarding it, concerning about Tommy’s health. So, Ishan’s bed was arranged beside his father. At night, Ishan could not sleep. Reminded of his mother’s love, punishment and care made Ishan’s heart fill with joy, whereas, not getting his mother even at night made his eyes full of tears.

As days went by, the situation worsened. So, Tommy was again taken to the doctor. Besides the medicines, doctor advised, “Tommy has to be taken to his mother. His mother’s love and care only, can make him healthy.” On hearing that, Ishan’s mother became emotional. She did not desire to leave Tommy. She hugged Tommy and cried. Ishan also felt poignant. He looked at the sky above and wondered, “Oh! So long that my mother has not hugged me like this!

For Tommy’s health’s sake, this measure had to be taken. Ishan’s uncle was phoned and informed about this matter. It was settled that, the next day at dawn, Ishan’s father would go to send Tommy to his own mom. The next day, Tommy was taken to the car and was seated. He had a miserable face. Ishan’s mother hid her face and cried. As soon as the car started, she couldn’t control herself. She hugged Ishan and cried. Ishan thought, “My mom is only mine. My mom’s complete right is mine. Tommy has gone. He has gone for his own good. After all, he also has gone to his mother. After getting his mother, he too would be as cheerful as me”. He whispered to his mother “He will recover very soon, and will be healthy & happy with his mother in uncle’s house.” Tears rolled down Ishan’s cheeks. Not out of grief of losing Tommy, but out of the joy of getting his mom back.


Neel Datta

Neel Datta is a student of Class IX, who is very passionate about literature. He loves to read novels, poems, and short stories. Inspired by the works of other authors, he too has grown passionate about writing. This story is just a small presentation of the small and sincere efforts he is taking for accomplishing his dream. He is from Haldia, Purba Medinipur in West Bengal.

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