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Ekaterina Borovikova (Russian Federation)


Nancy was determined; therefore, having moved to a big city, first off she got married and became Mrs. Woods. Thus, all of the secondly, thirdly and so on fell away. She did not have to work, a successful but already aging husband, also freed her from household affairs, which is why, being in the prime of her youth and strength, she also had plenty of free time. Perhaps because of Mrs. Woods’ absolute idleness, rather than from a distinct type of mind, she began to be weighed down by the presence of a grumbling and sluggish husband and, one day, when not even a year had passed since she got married, she accidentally mixed up the old man’s dose of medicine, what made him go aloft. Apparently, Mr. Woods had some reasons to believe that the young wife had mixed up the dose not at all accidentally; therefore, after death,…