August 2019


In the wee hours of a Monday morning, the thudding sound of a fall was heard in a twelve storey residential building. The family living in an apartment on the ground floor rushed to their door to see what what had happened, what had fallen. It was not a materialistic thing. Arrrrreee!!! This is Minnie, came a loud cry from one of the people. A crowd gathered there and took Minnie to the nearby hospital. She was bleeding profusely, fighting for her life. By the time she reached hospital she was dead. Manita, a 23-year-old bright girl living on the tenth floor of this building, ended her life. She was her mother’s only daughter. She had done her post-graduation and was at home since the last three months. Her mother Pankaja was the only daughter of her landlord father. She belonged to a Brahmin family. After wrapping up her education,…