August 2018


The first time it happened, I was in complete and defensive denial.  The second time, I still claimed innocence but now had recurring, vague recollections of the incident.  The third time, I realized that I was able to claim some control over my actions, but I nevertheless remained in a vague trancelike state of existence during these nightly activities.  After the fourth time, I read up on the medication and discovered that the drug had been used as a truth serum by the Soviets, back in the day.  And I can see that, I really can; I could play Truth or Dare all night on this stuff.  But I became quite proficient with the sleepwalking part, except for that suspected incident with the two Mormons upstairs.  As far as my participation in that fuzzy drama, I would like to claim full and total amnesia. I would like to. The sagging,…