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March 2021


It started small, nearly innocent, and quite by accident, far from what it eventually became – a quicksand of lies and secrets. And once in, there was no way out. Deeper and deeper I sank. It all began on the day my former school pal, Ashok, came to visit me. We chewed the fat for a while, talked about our childhood on the estate, about my computer science studies at the university but I noticed he was kind of down and when I asked him, he said that Prisha, his girlfriend of two years, had just dumped him. Prisha was a dishy chick with doe-like eyes, pearly laughter, small pointy breasts, and a pert ass. I wouldn’t have minded dating her myself, but she went out with Indian guys only and, apart from getting the occasional Saturday tikka masala with lemon rice and mango chutney, there´s nothing Indian about me.…