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April 2023


Author: Janisse Ray Copyright: 2022 Pages: 209 Price: $19.99 (paperback) There’s something unique about the lifelong inhabitants of America’s South, hard for outsiders to fathom, but undeniably present, and that’s an unwavering loyalty to their own.  Georgia-born and bred environmentalist and nature writer Janisse Ray exudes this dynamic in all of her literary works leaving little doubt that her roots are sunk deep in that southern soil.  Best known for her magically lyrical nonfiction, especially 2000’s Ecology of a Cracker Childhood, which was a winner of The American Book Award, she is refreshing and unpredictable in how she presents her material and expresses herself.  Ray is a master of voice, especially one that has the coy simplicity and flavor of a southern twang.  There is no one else like her; I know because I have been looking for that someone for over 30 years, and nobody even comes close.  Because of her loyalty to her home…