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December 2022


After three years of marriage, Savitri was admitted to a maternity hospital. The prolonged delivery pains made everyone in the family extra anxious. Ramesh, Sumitra’s husband, was on the edge of his seat. Finally, the nurse came out with the good news of Sumitra delivering a baby girl. “Can I see my baby?”Sumitra asked the nurse. “Why not? Just hold on for half an hour,” the nurse replied. Sumitra was anxious to see her baby. “Who would she look like? Would she be like I or she will have Ramesh’s features?” Half an hour passed and the nurse came with the baby wrapped completely only leaving her face open. Eagerly, Sumitra held the baby close to her chest. She was so happy that she wanted to suckle the baby even though she was sleeping. Sumitra kept the baby close to her while lying on the bed in such a position…