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June 2020


This is a story about Reena, a young lady in her very early thirties, her 5 year old daughter Minnie and an old man who is a recent neighbour. Old Man: I had the same feeling when I retired after 42 years of service in a chemical industry as I had when I left the orphanage after graduating with a diploma in materials management.  While I was leaving, Father Pinto told me: ‘Son, the time has come for us to part. You have been an excellent ward and have grown into a mature, responsible and sensitive person. Good bye, son. Lead a good life. Don’t forget to help others the way God has helped you.’ I had walked into an unfamiliar world. It was an arid expanse of land. Three tall chimneys were emitting clouds of yellow smoke from an L-shaped building that was the main plant. It settled on…