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August 2021


In the observatory, named after Veer Savarkar, all the scientists were eagerly waiting to receive confirmatory signals. And they did.  The existence of the exoplanet was confirmed. The team of Dr. Eric, Dr. Neah, Dr. Chris, Dr. Vanshika, and Dr. Mitchell were extremely elated that their suspected exoplanet was a reality. Also, it appeared that it was inhabited by an intelligent species. The joy in the laboratory had no bounds. The plans to visit the planet, which was in the neighboring star system PROXIMA CENTAURI some six light-months away, started moving rapidly. Activities such as contacting the inter-SOLAR SYSTEMS tour arranger, making arrangements of the funds, and choosing the right candidate to carry out the mission successfully, were in pipeline. The exoplanet was named PROXIMA CENTAURI-K . After studying the atmosphere, which resembled Earth’s, the team decided to send a female on the ship with all the sophisticated instruments. After…