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November 2019


It was a sunny Sunday morning of October; Mayur was lying on his bed thinking about the good old time he spent with his fiancée Snigdha, and her consent to marry him. A cool breeze from the window with soothing aroma of Jasmine makes the atmosphere cosy for him; he thought of his future wondering whether it would be like the sunny weather or would be gloomy like night.  At that moment he got a call from his sister which he responded quickly, his mother was also in the line, they inquired when he would come home. He told them that if everything would go right then he might visit his native place during Durga Puja. Hearing this news his sister asked him “Dada what will you bring for me?”He replied “What do you want?”She said “I don’t have a good watch for college if possible please buy me a…