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November 2020


Haven’t we met before? he had asked me. We hadn’t. But it did make me pause awhile. He seemed familiar. He possibly reminded me of someone I had actually met. There was something gentle about him, although his looks belied gentility. He was a robust man, with a stunning moustache to boot. I, a somewhat presentable, pretty woman in my early forties. This was at an art expo that I had stumbled onto, in our condo’s local magazine. I had time to kill between errands, and I decided to go along and check it out. It was not extraordinary, with some stray good-looking artwork strewn among mediocre works. There was promise, but just about I was done pretty soon. The man was hovering around. I threw a glance at the others who had also, it would appear, stumbled into this world. We all seemed a bit lost, like folk who…