February 2020


Emily has a cat resembling a Bengal tiger, named Tigger. Henderson has a poodle named Maggi. The sisters, Neha and Lakhi kept a bunny and constantly fought over who was being loved most by Broccoli. Nihaal was as certain as dawn not to have any pets for love or money. Daniel couldn’t make up his mind what it is he wanted, but not for long. On his visit to his Ajji in India, Daniel found a playmate in Haseeb. Before leaving for America, he gifted him a self-made card with eight lines by Shel Silverstein scribbled on it. Daniel wrote in the proverbial doctor’s hand. Haseeb had to turn the card upside down and sometimes tilt it left to right to figure out what he had written. When the lines played themselves out Haseeb read, I made myself a snowball As perfect as can be. I thought I’d keep it…