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July 2019


The young girl was a lonely soul, looking for the slightest respite. “Ahhhh” Poor Becky agonized. Veins ran in various directions across her face – of course, the distress she was under made them much more visible than ever before. In fact, one could see them, almost tearing through her bleached skin. “Shut up, you fool!” The hushed voice came on. “Ungrateful piece of dirt! You just can’t escape my claws.” The merchant of primitive savagery tried the most to strangle life out of the poor girl. The more her hands pressed against Becky’s neck, the more she squeezed her face as though she wanted her wicked act to be completed, much faster than it was already taking. Poor girl gnashed her teeth as she was no longer able to utter any audible words. She was just inches away from the finish line – at least apparently. Gently, she made…