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Frank Sonderborg (UK)


We thought we were nearing the end game. That final countdown. That moment when Boris could claim victory is so near. In Italy, the nurses and doctors are feeling something else. That feeling of survival guilt, as if a great sea storm has sunk their ship. Then washed them ashore. And left them alive but shattered on an empty desolate beach. They were heroes once. Now they’re the forgotten. Some are contemplating giving up their role as guardians of the nation. Too many deaths have transpired under their watch. No bonus for saving the country’s ass. No great outpouring of gratefulness for the few. They got the claps while it was dire. Now people just want to forget. Forget the badness. Forget the pain. Forget the people who saved them. Let’s move on, nothing to see here. In the UK the clapping has also stopped as we too move into…