Frank Sonderborg (UK)


Basingstoke in winter is no Miami Beach. It’s wet, cold and getting the shit kicked out of you by heavies is no small matter. Harry H was holding me up while Mickey P was doing the damage. Basically beating the crap out of me. And then they were gone and I slumped to the ground. Thought, another happy punter. I’d not delivered the news they wanted. And paid the price. Being a PI is like that. I was stuck in the UK trying to get back to Rehoboth, Delaware USA. Land of my Dad. Land of the free. Land where I could carry a gun and cap a few bad mother fuckers if needed. Then call it self-defense. In the UK it’s frowned upon. They’ve unarmed cops for that. Bruised and battered I headed back to Jacobs Alley and the office. Set in an office block marked for demolition.…