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Frank Sonderborg (UK)


Coming back from the train station I could hear the sound slowly building. A low toned wailing sound. Soft, vibrating, but dangerous and persistent. Thought, ‘Some wanker has set off the Mall alarm.’ The concierge of my apartment building sat staring at his laptop. He didn’t seem too concerned. “You’d think someone would fucking call someone to stop that fucking noise pollution,” I said to him as I headed for the elevator. He never looked up from his laptop. I entered my apartment and was so glad for the triple glazing. It was as silent as a Pharaoh’s Tomb. Just how I liked it. I turned on the TV News and set it to mute. Then I asked Alexa to play some 70s Rock N Roll. I poured myself an Anchor California Dreaming Craft Beer. Then closed my eyes and could feel that California sun on my skin. A paradise indeed. One…