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John C. Krieg (USA)


Author: Malcolm Margolin.  Berkley, CA: Heyday Books.  Copyright 2021.  $28.00 If you want a jolt to any complacency and smugness that you may have fallen prey to as a member of the boomer generation, or if you’re a millennial seeking to know the unbridled truth about the volatile European settlement of California, by all means, buy this book.  Know that sometimes the truth really doesn’t set you free, but rather binds you to a sense of responsibility and accountability.  The truth can be heart wrenching.  Yes indeed, sometimes the truth hurts. This work contains a series of essays as they predominantly appeared in the monthly journal News from Native California, which was founded in 1987 by Margolin, David Peri, and Vera Mae Fredrickson.  The essays range in date from 1981 to 2019. Margolin founded the non-profit Heyday Books in 1974 and served as its executive director until his retirement in…