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John C. Krieg (USA)


“Mitzi! Mitzi, you get back here right now!! Mitzi!!!” Roxanne was starting to get seriously worried. Mitzi, her eighteen-month old white toy poodle, had more courage than brains. Roxanne was too kind for her and Mitzi’s own good. She hated to tighten Mitzi’s pink rhinestone studded collar down too tight, and the tiny dog had pulled herself free of the leash. Roxanne cursed her stupidity as she watched her pet’s white ears sporting pink ribbons bobbing through the low-lying chaparral. Roxanne sprinted athletically after her. She knew from the first yip that the coyotes were baiting Mitzi to heroically chase them. Twenty yards in front of her, Roxanne’s worst fears became a self-fulfilling prophecy as a large male appeared from behind a saltbush and chomped down hard on Mitzi. He streaked away with four litter mates in pursuit while Mitzi was shrieking the shriek all animals do just before dying.…