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John C. Krieg (USA)


Publisher: Auctus Publishers, Havertown, PA So, you’ve just been to the doctor’s office, and the report wasn’t good.  There’s no getting around this one; you have cancer.  After the shock, denial, and rage wears off, what do you do?  Purchase Mike Metzler’s cancer survival guide and read it, absorb it, and believe in its most basic bedrock truth – this will be the fight of your life, and your attitude going into it is everything.  As Metzler states, whether you like it or not, you have just stepped into Cancer World, and make no mistake about it; you are not alone, because everyone who loves you is going to get dragged into it too.  You’re allowed to feel good about yourself for this purchase because all royalties generously go to the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance (HNCA). Mike Metzler’s life seemed to be hitting on all cylinders in 2006.   During…