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Ishika Banerjee


“If you have courage, show us you are brave, Go forth; dare yourself to face the dead, Face the awakened spirits of grave, Show whether your heart is made of lead.  If you bring back a proof of your worth, You will be given: ‘The desire of your heart’.” Hans reread the yellow scroll he had been presented with as he stood in front of the great, dusty, cobwebbed, looming mansion. He wished he hadn’t taken the bet after all. It was perhaps better to be proved a coward than to go among the ghosts and become one. He pushed the heavy creaking door and went inside a darkened corridor illuminated only by the faint, flickering light of his candle. As the door closed shut behind him, he sensed another presence with faint, light footsteps. But he could not turn back. The door had been shut tightly. Taking a deep…