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Mangesh Shirke


“Ma’am, the ceremony will begin in a short time. We are waiting for the chief guest.” The event manager informed her. “OK. I’m almost ready.” Kavya replied. Today evening, her first book of poems was getting inaugurated, all those that she had written in the past 2 years. And suddenly, she remembered the closed envelope in her bag. That came to her in the morning while getting ready for the flight to Mumbai. Now, with some time left for the function, she took out that envelope, with an international code printed on it. Realizing the country code, her mind drifted back to those memories, about 2 years ago. “Your dog is suffering from Malignant Hypothermia.” Dr. Anupam, a renowned Veterinary doctor in New Delhi, explained to her looking at the dog’s blood reports. “This is a condition in which an animal’s body temperature increases rapidly, which further causes muscle contraction,…