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Sheba Ghosh


FADE IN: EXT. TERRACE- NIGHT.   Bhupesh, a 26 six year old, be-speckled man, blows rings of smoke into the air. He is leaning against the ledge, partially illuminated by  a single overhead lamp. The distant sound of crickets provides the background score. Bhupesh appears to be in deep thought. He looks at his watch and rubs his arms for warmth. CUT TO: INT. DRAWING ROOM- EVENING FLASHBACK   The room is decorated for a children’s birthday party. Several children are seen laughing, clapping and making merry in slow motion. At the centre of the room are two children, a boy and a girl, blowing out candles that say 14 on each of the two cakes. The girl and the boy look up smiling at each other. FADE OUT: FADE IN: EXT. TERRACE- NIGHT 02:15 A.M.   The sound of a child’s laughter, alerts Bhupesh. He quickly drops the…