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Nancy Kissam (USA)


Charlie wasn’t sick.  He didn’t live in a bubble or anything like that.  But still. It started when he was at school talking to Becky Jenson.  Becky wore ponytails with red ribbons or blue ribbons or green depending on the day of the week.  It was Thursday. So, it was red.  They were trading stories about camping.  Charlie’s parents believed in tents while Becky’s parents owned an RV.  Charlie good-naturedly suggested that RV camping wasn’t real.  It was like parking an apartment on a campground.  What was the fun in that?  Becky took no offense although she did mention that no one had to poo outside the RV whereas tent camping made poo’ing a challenge.  Charlie appreciated Becky’s candid view on the subject and succeeded her that point.  Then it happened.  Without warning. Charlie puked up a frog.  A live frog.  He never recalled eating a frog, nor would he…