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Balu Swami (USA)


The day after the bombing, I got a call from Rahman whom I hadn’t seen or heard from in years. He had been a good source for me for a number of years. He was one of the first few to set me straight on “suicide” bombing. More like homicide bombing, he said. These days, the “human” bomb is set off by remote control. Handlers sit in a vehicle at a distance from the target and trigger the vest when the bomber reaches a strategic location. This new development comes in the wake of dwindling supply of volunteer bombers. Even kids indoctrinated from the age  of 4 or 5 were unwilling to trade their lives for 72 virgins in Jannah (paradise). Rahman also told me about another development: Some Jihadi groups hunt for teenage lovers, rape and kill the girl in front of the boy and then rape the boy.…