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Balu Swami (USA)


Ameena was 15 when she married Munir. “Got” married, to be precise. She first laid eyes on him at the Nikah (wedding ceremony). Munir’s parents claimed they were ud dins, descendants of some unnamed sultan. That was more than enough for Ameena’s parents. The fact that Munir had a well-paying job as a welder in a big factory in the big city was more a bonus. And the fact that he will be making ten times his current income when he takes up a new job in Muscat in less than a month was an added bonus. Neither Munir ud din’s ancestry nor his income potential was of much interest to Ameena. How odd, she thought, that their royal lineage was a selling point when  the exalted ud dins lived in a shack similar to their own in the same slum with open sewers and piles of garbage. Besides,…