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Vijay Likhite


The special, weekly tourist train to Chandangarh was about to leave Rampur station. The special gauge train had four coaches with seating arrangements and only one compartment with luxurious sofas accommodating only four passengers. The four seating coaches were full. The tickets to the luxurious coach were exorbitantly high and so this coach was usually run empty. But that day three seats were booked. One of the occupants Prakash who had booked the tickets just the previous night was on his couch. He had opened his story book and was engrossed in reading it. The guard was waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Chopra, the other two passengers. In a matter of a few minutes, a middle-aged couple walked into the platform. It was apparent that the unwilling Mrs. Chopra was being dragged by enthusiastic Mr. Chopra. They occupied their seats in the luxury coach and the steam engine-driven, special gauge…