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Vijay Likhite


Sumitra was very happy that she was now a grandmother. Her daughter-in-law Vidya had delivered a baby boy. She was unhappy that her husband Pradeep was not in this world to see his grandson. Her son Satish was extremely happy to get a son. The child Abhimanyu was growing healthy. On his second birthday, Abhimanyu’s physical features were getting sharp. The child was as fair as Satish was. His nose was straight as his mother, Vidya’s. But now the color of his eyes was noticeably different. It was grey. Everyone started wondering, how did Abhimanyu get this color for eyes. They checked up the entire heritage from both families. There was not even a trace of grey-colored eyes in the entire family chain. Satish was wondering whether that was a classic example of “CHANCE” in the link of evolution. On the third birthday, Abhimanyu was dressed up as an Army…