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Vijay Likhite


It was the beginning of June 1955. The colleges had not reopened yet. I was at home. In the morning at around ten, I opened the chest drawer and picked up an issue of LIFE magazine and got into the easy chair.  On the front page there was a picture of a new luxury liner from America. It was beautiful, but the stamp of the issuing library spoiled the grace of the great ship. Meanwhile,  Ramesh from the neighborhood came to the front yard to dry his clothes in the intense sunshine. He looked at me reading a magazine. “Reading some French magazine?” he asked. “No, yaar.  Just because I have completed course in French, does it mean I will be reading only French?. I am reading LIFE. The issue of this month is very good.” “Ok. Forget  it. Are you coming for a movie with me? A good picture…