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Manisha Prasad (New Zealand)


“Weather today will see most of the country under heavy spells of rain…” The weather lady on TV warned. Amara told her mum that whoever does the forecast needs to be fired because “they’re full of shit!” Her mother slightly chuckled. “Are you sure you don’t want me to pack you some roti for lunch sweetheart?” She asked her daughter who was marching all over the house, gathering things she needed for the day ahead. She was tired, she was moody, but she was still playing catch up at University. Amara had been staying up countless nights working towards assignment deadlines. Her books and papers were scattered all throughout the house and she rummaged around like a headless chook every morning after them. “Ah no thanks!” Amara jokingly rasped. “Do you want me to get bullied again for being a curry muncher?” The two laughed as Amara grabbed her backpack…