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Birte Hosken (UK)


“Ouch!” The sudden pain was intense. From the bottom of her left foot, right up to her skull – a vicious attack from the shallows. She knew that she had no choice but to take her surfboard and head to the lifeguard hut to join several others who sat there bathing their feet in hot water. In severe discomfort she limped to the top of the beach. Perhaps it would pass, not be so bad this time, she thought. Avoiding the ocean’s edge where the lethal creatures lingered in the warm sand, particularly at low tide, she staggered along the top of the beach, past large cliffs, massive black rocks, that lined the  Cornish coast. Still suffering from the unwanted injection of venom, she surveyed the towering sections of granite, sparkling in the bright sunlight, interspersed with  moss-covered ridges where months of rainfall had left their distinctive mark. Suddenly she…