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Kamal Baruah


They are always ready for action, moving bases one after another frequently which only people in the military will understand what TDs (Temporary Duty) are all about. They are forced to embrace such reality and their kit bags always came first for another adventure. By doing so, he encountered the most dreadful day at Car Nicobar, a lesser known island of Andaman and Nicobar. His ideas of islands were a few dots while drawing the Indian map during their  school days. It was a mistaken belief as islands are quite large where even commercial flights run between Port Blair and Campbell Bay via Car Nicobar. Sundays are usually meant to be a day of rest for men in blue. They were lazily lounging on the 1st floor watching the scenic beauty of the rising and falling of the sea. He sat sipping tea at 08:30 morning on that fateful Boxing Day beside…