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Dean Gessie (CANADA)


Fatima recognized one of the human heads. She said to herbrother, “This particular head belonged to the fighter, Michael.” Michael was an Englishman who joined the Sons of Ahwah. Everyone knew Michael. There was a swath of Sheffield in the uncovered space around his eyes, like a racoon. Michael displeased the Sons of Ahwah because he wore Union Jack boxers beneath his uniform. Being clever, Fatima easily updated her biographical understanding of all things. “Saint Michael,” she said,“is the one who raped Mahdia.” “Don’t talk stupid,” Umar said. “He fixed the internet.” Fatima was undeterred. “You can fix the internet and rape Mahdia.” “You’re a pig,” Umar said. “How do you know these things? How?” Fatima said that women and girls share a kind of sad commerce. They barter news of the abominations of men and no one is any wiser or richer for the knowledge. Umar counterpointed by saying…