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Joshua Dow (AUSTRALIA)


A single tear streams down Hunter’s left cheek, the tears falls from his face and lands on his brothers, Jim’s, dusty jacket. The tear is a tear of defeat, fear, and the sense of loneliness. There is not a single sound that can be heard, complete darkness and silence creeps through the cold, wet bunker. “It’s okay Jim, it will be over soon.” Hunter whispers into Jim’s ear as Jim squeezes tighter onto Hunters torn and bloody sleeve. “I just want mum.” Cried Jim “Mum” he continued. Hunter wrapped his arms around Jim tightly and covered his mouth so that the enemies outside could not hear his cries. A moment passed of muffled crying; rustling was heard coming into the bunker. The two boys had accepted their fate but out from behind the dark corner of the bunker came Dustin, the third brother. “They’re coming with too many men to…