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Debarati Nandan


MONEY: THE NECESSARY EVIL (I) Help—the solemn word that comes when one is absolutely destitute and Sukanya Pathak was always the first on my mind whenever I needed help. It was her selfless act of kindness that always reminded me of her. But every act of kindness has its price. Sukanya, growing up in genteel poverty, acquired a Master’s Degree in Journalism and started her work in a renowned newspaper publication house. Her keen interest towards journalism was always an inspiration to her circle; wherever she went, her positive aura made the atmosphere lighter. One of her faults though was her selflessness. She never said No to anyone who asked for help nor did she ask for anything in return of the hard labour she put for other’s work. Even if it was not a possibility for her, she would go beyond her depths to provide the help so asked.…