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Heather Campbell (USA)


I have a big family on my mom’s side. I’m one of 23 first cousins and grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Almost everyone lived within 20 minutes of each other and holidays were big! Especially Thanksgiving. We started with Pie Night on Wednesday when we’d go to my Aunt Susie’s to bake desserts and eat pizza. On Thanksgiving, there was normally a football game to watch (go, Packers!) and then the amazing three-hour meal. When I was little, we all sat at one meandering table and everything was passed back and forth. As the family grew, one table couldn’t hold us. So you’d instead find a seat wherever you could and call “Saved” to try to keep it when you got up for seconds. I always got up for seconds! And finally on Friday, we’d go bowling and out for Fish Fry. I love my family’s Thanksgiving, and I fully…