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Hiranya Barman


They loved to go to the hills. Every November, Jun never misses an opportunity to ask Akakh for ride to Shillong, where the hills and the cherry trees are located.The hills also serve them an escape to walk beneath the cherry trees. These trees on the hills exhibit their light pinkish flowers in November. The light pinkish colour as a texture evenly spread on the petals of the cherry flower looked fragile when noticed in a single form. When in abundance the flowers signify a strong message of peace. “The rough trunk bearing trees adorning pinkish crowns seem like cotton candies,” Often Jun would say. Ever since Akakh took Jun to Shillong he couldn’t say no to Jun whenever she asked for a visit to the hills and when the flowers bloomed. On a beautiful Friday morning both of them set off to Shillong. Gradually descending fog blanketed the highway…