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I V Prabhakara Menoki


None of us, present in the crematorium was blood-relation of KKK .We believe, the last rituals are to release the departed soul from all bonds. We were admiring Daamu’s concentration .Menon must be fortunate to find out a son like him! After completing the funeral rites we have just come back home, There were two  persons with broomstick and mop  to remove the curtains and calendars and to clean the premises  One of them leaned at the  large  photo  highlighting the living room, Daamu said, “No, leave it there.” I was impressed, ‘He had not seen any one of them; the son, daughter, their spouses and children of  Menon ! He asked Daamu once to dump it somewhere!  But he might have seen Kamala Aunt gazing at the photo, tears running down her cheeks.She concealed her sorrow, nurturing her orchids and anthuria and feeding her kitten and died in grief,…